Market-to-Market Reports

Pursuant to MISO-SPP Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), Article XX (Biennial Review of Process Changes), Section 20.1 (Biennial Review), the Parties shall conduct a comprehensive review of the changes made to each Partys processes used to implement the Interregional Coordination Process (ICP) contained in Attachment 2 of the JOA. A comprehensive review shall be conducted by the Parties at least every other year following the initial comprehensive review.  Pursuant to Section 20.2 (Posting of Biennial Review), this report is being posted on SPP and MISOs respective websites.
On a quarterly basis, SPP and MISO post on their respective websites a summary of market-to-market implementation process changes or changes to the calculation methodology of Market Flow and Firm Flow Limits/Firm Flow Entitlements, and the tagged transaction impacts of imports and exports in IDC proposed by the Parties in the prior quarter and the status of such changes.  (ICP Section 19.4)