Operations Reports

Provides list of current and proposed (if any) Frequently Constrained Areas and the constraints comprising each FCA.  Also provides list of resources (by PNODE name) in each FCA subject to tighter conduct threshold for Energy Offer Curve when FCA is binding.   Proposed FCAs will be posted for at least 14 calendar days prior to becoming effective.  Market Participants may contact the MMU (SPPMarketMonitoring@spp.org<mailto:SPPMarketMonitoring@spp.org>) if there are concerns with the proposed updates.

Operator initiated commitments, both manual and from RUC studies, will be compiled and reported each day.  At the end of each month, the commitments will be rolled up into a single monthly file.  At the end of each year, the commitments will be rolled up into a single yearly file.

Provides the Ramp Uncertainty MW amount for RampUP and RampDN, and UncUP

Report showing Regulation Up Score & Regulation Down Score by Market Participant. (MP names masked)