WEIS Modeling Reports

Displays the link between the interface_SL and Parent/Child pnode including the weight factor.

Displays the Market Participant to Asset Owner to Transmission Customer Relationships.

Displays all Meter Agents currently under the SPP network

Displays the Settlement Location to Source/Sink to Purchase Selling Entity (PSE) mapping.

Displays the relationships between Settlement Location, Engineering Modeling System (EMS) Area, EMS station name, Planning Systems Stabilizer for Engineering (PSSE) Model number, PSSE Model name, kilovolt value, EMS unit name, EMS maximum megawatt value, turbine type, and fuel type.

Displays the relationships between Settlement Location Name, Settlement Location type, Asset Type, Pnode, Node Area, and Reserve Zone (RESZONE). Reserve Zone is a zone containing a specific group of Price Nodes for which a minimum and maximum Operating Reserve requirement is established.