Congestion By Constraint

Provides a summary of monthly cost of congestion for each binding constraint in the DA Market.  Posting is updated on the first day of the month for the previous month.

Column Descriptions

  • Date The year and month for which the data corresponds in YYYYMM format
  • Constraint Name Name of constraint provided by the Market Clearing Engine.  This is primarily the flowgate name.  If constraint is not a defined flowgate, this will be the branch name from the model.
  • Monitored Facility Line or Transformer that makes up the corresponding constraint (From station To station format for direction of binding)
  • Contingent Facility Line or Transformer that if outaged, caused the Monitored Facility to be binding or breached in the solution.  BASE corresponds to no contingent element.
  • Contingency Name Utilized for tracing a contingency name used in the DA public data files to a value used by TCR/ARR
  • Sum The calculation of the total impact of congestion for the month.
    • This is calculated by summing up the following equation for each operating interval in the month
    • Flow Amount (in MW) * Constraint Shadow Price



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