Effective Limits

Provides effective limit information associated with binding constraints.


  • Interval   Minute-ending of the real-time solution in which constraint was activated (Central Time)
  • GMTIntervalEnd   Minute-ending of the real-time solution in which constraint was activated (GMT)
  • Constraint Name   Name of constraint provided by the Market Clearing Engine.  This is primarily the flowgate name.  If constraint is not a defined flowgate, this will be the branch name from the model.
  • Constraint Type
    • FG Flowgate
    • MA Constraint identified by operator as being congested in the RTM solution
    • MCE Constraint identified within the Market Clearing Engine and verified by Operator
  • NERCID   Existing defined NERCID if available
  • TLR Level   The severity of relief requested.  FROM CME, up to TLR Level 5.
  • State  Activated, Binding or Breached
  • Shadow Price   Calculated RTBM Market Shadow Price for Constraint
  • Monitored Facility   Line or Transformer that is activated, binding or breached in the solution (From station To station format for direction of binding)
  • Contingent Facility   Line or Transformer that if outaged will cause the Monitored Facility to be binding or breached in the solution. BASE corresponds to no contingent element causing the binding or breached state.
  • Source Limit  System operating limits as defined in FAC-011-3
  • Real Time Effective Limit  Value utilized within systems in real-time to maintain reliable BES performance of system operating limits in accordance with TOP-001-5
  • Initial Effective Limit  Historical effective limit used initially with the intent for ideal reliable BES performance.


  • Note: The “Initial Effective Limit” field will be BLANK until Initial Effective Limits have been implemented in the MOS



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