Generation Mix Historical

Historical generation mix files showing percentage generation by fuel type.

Column Descriptions

  • GMT MKT Interval - Hour ending (GMT)
  • Coal Market - Fuel type coal / market-commit
  • Coal Self - Fuel type coal / self-commit
  • Diesel Fuel Oil Market - Fuel type diesel fuel oil
  • Diesel Fuel Oil Self - Fuel type diesel fuel oil
  • Hydro Market - Fuel type hydro
  • Hydro Self - Fuel type hydro
  • Natural Gas Market - Fuel type natural gas
  • Natural Gas Self - Fuel type natural gas
  • Nuclear Market - Fuel type nuclear
  • Nuclear Self - Fuel type nuclear
  • Solar Market - Fuel type solar
  • Solar Self - Fuel type solar
  • Waste Disposal Market - Fuel type waste disposal
  • Waste Disposal Self - Fuel type waste disposal
  • Wind Market - Fuel type wind
  • Wind Self - Fuel type wind
  • Waste Heat Market - Fuel type waste heat
  • Waste Heat Self - Fuel type waste heat
  • Other Market - Combined all other fuel types
  • Other Self - Combined all other fuel types
  • Load - short term load forecast used for RTBM dispatch

*Note: All fuel type Self values are reporting the Dispatch MW value, which is the communicated resource target Energy MW output level at the end of the Dispatch Interval.

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File Layout


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