Temporary Flowgates

Temporary SWPP Flowgates

Column Descriptions 

Flowgate   Flowgate Name

IDC   Interchange Distribution Calculator (IDC) Flowgate Number

Owner  Reliability Coordinator

Type   Flowgate Type (Internal, Coordinated)

To Area  To Side TOP

From Area   From Side TOP

Element  Element Description

ElementType   Indicates Either Monitored Element or Contingent Element

NormLimit   Normal Limit for Flowgate

EmerLimit  Emergency Limit for Flowgate

IROLLimit  Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit (IROL) for IROL Flowgates

CreatedTime  Time Flowgate was Created

TOP   TOP for the Element

IDC_From_Name  From Side IDC Bus Name

IDC_From_Number   From Side IDC Bus Number

IDC_ToName1   To Side IDC Bus Name

IDC_To_Number1   To Side IDC Bus Number

IDC_To_Name2   To Side IDC Bus Name for 3-Winding Transformer

IDC_To_Number2   To Side IDC Bus Number for 3-Winding Transformer

IDC_CKT_ID  IDC Circuit Number

EMS NETMOM Key  Unique Identifier in SPP's EMS

M2M Monitoring RTO    Monitoring RTO for Market to Market Flowgates


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